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Awaken The Power Within

Would you like to explore your untapped strengths so you can thrive?
Let me show you how....

About Me

I was drawn to the field of health coaching after a successful journey with functional medicine exposed the root cause of my health issues and set me on the path to healing.

For years, I struggled with digestive and gastrointestinal issues, brain fog, insomnia, anxiety, depression, chronic sinusitis, joint and muscle pain along with a host of other symptoms which went undiagnosed for 30 years; leaving me in the dark about the root cause. In 2018...


What Clients Say


Kathy has been a knowledgeable guide and amazing cheerleader during a time when I was facing many health challenges.
Her wisdom helped me to negotiate my path towards greater well-being and I found myself really enjoying and benefiting from our sessions.
She helped me to make discerning choices and select treatments that felt right for me.

Ann H.
Escondido, CA

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